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Juvenex Spa is a full-service spa offering amazing Massages, Facials, Body Scrub, Romantic Getaway Spa Package, Wet Spa, Specialty Treatment and a full-service Spa Service.

Couple Massage & Spa near me | Day Spa in New York City NYC Manhattan near Time Square, Washington square park.

Basic & Enhanced Romantic Couples Spa Getaway in New York City NYC Manhattan

Do I have to be nude when I am at Juvenex Spa?

During the hours of 7am to 5pm, we are a ladies only day spa (during this time, we are fully staffed by ladies only as well); therefore you may enjoy the Jade Journey Amenities with or without a bathing suit. Every day after 5pm we are Co-Ed for couples and bathing suits are absolutely required during these hours. Juvenex maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding nudity during our co-ed hours. Any violation to this policy and you will be escorted out and NO refund will be issued.

Do you host large gatherings?

Juvenex Spa welcomes group celebrations. We frequently have Bridal Showers and Birthday Parties, as well as small after work get together.

What evenings are best to come and meet with other people?

Juvenex in not designed as a place to meet prospective dates. The idea is to bring your loved one and have a romantic night to remember. Again, you come here to relax and be pampered not to socialize.

Who comes there during the late night hours?

Our most frequent clients are Broadway performers & dancers who finish their shows after 11pm and have been on their feet all day. We provide a place for them to relax & receive treatments. Juvenex is frequented by folks on an evening out with friends, who stop by after nightclubbing.


The environment is serene, the atmosphere is tranquil, our mission is to melt your stress and tension away.

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Juvenex Spa in New York
Address: 25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (646) 733-1330